Ben Hur Live

Book by Shaun McKenna

Music by Stewart Copeland

Designed by Mark Fisher and Ray Winkler

Costumes by Ann Hould-Ward

Lighting by Patrick Woodroffe

Choreography by Liam Steel

Fight Direction by Rick Sordelet


Directed by Philip Wm. McKinley.


The cast was led by Sebastian Thrun as Judah, Michael Knese as Messala, Marina Krauser as Miriam, Anton Grunbeck as Arrius, Laszlo Rokas as Ilderim.  Lili Gesler played Esther and Nina Adrienne Wilden played Tirzah in 2009.  


Originally produced by Franz Abraham for Art Concerts GMBh at the O2 Arena in September 2009 and a subsequent European tour.


Revived and restyled for Fiera di Roma, Rome in September 2011.  Produced by Tobias Bartelmus for New Art Concerts GMBh.


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