The Crooked Man


A two hour feature for ITV

First broadcast in the autumn of 2003

Adapted from a novel by Philip Davison


with Ross Kemp, Liam Cunningham, Natasha Little, Michael Byrne, Rupert Frazer, Jake Wood and Hannah Ho.


Directed by David Drury

Produced by Ellie Jason for ARG


Harry Fielding (Ross Kemp) is an 'understrapper' for MI6.  Officially deniable, the lowest rung of the food chain, Harry does the jobs nobody else will do.  Working to the patronising, dangerous Hamilton (Liam Cunningham), Harry has ambitions to better himself within the organisation.


When his next door neighbour Lisa (Natasha Little) becomes involved in her sister's marital dispute, Harry uses his skills to keep her out of trouble.  Meanwhile, on a routine surveillance mission, he witnesses a Cabinet Minister kill his mistress.  Harry and Hamilton to clean up the resultant mess.  The unforeseen presence of a teenage Chinese stowaway in Harry's car makes this tough guy suddenly vulnerable.  For his own protection, it is time for the worm to turn!

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