Danse Macabre

Series 17, Episode 16.


When a pale, thin teenage girl attempts to steal bread from the village store, PC Mason asks Carol to check her out.  The malnourished girl is Natalie and she is the only pupil of a reclusive former ballet star, Olga Kaminska (Judy Parfitt).  Madame Kaminska is cared for by her former dresser, Wilson (Simon Shepherd).  She is trying to recreate her former glories by training Natalie to dance.  But someone else seems to be after Natalie as well.


PC Younger has fallen heavily - but shyly - for Lucy, the niece of the village shop owner.


David is invited to be a stand-in agony aunt for the Weatherfield Gazette.  PC Wetherby, learning this, decides to play a prank on Younger.  He writes to the Gazette as Younger, declaring his love for Lucy.  Younger is humilated and embarrassed at having his feelings spread around Aidensfield.



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