Book and Lyrics by Shaun McKenna

Music by Stephen Keeling 

In Zurich, Johanna Spyri's life as the wife of the Stadtschreiber is empty and unfulfilling, save for her relationship with her son, Berhard.  As Bernhard lies ill with tuberculosis, he asks her to tell him a story, as she did when he was a child.  She remembers seeing a little girl in an Alpine village - and so the story of Heidi begins.


Living with her curmudgeonly grandfather in the Alps, high-spirited Heidi is whisked off to Frankfurt by her aunt, to be a companion to a disabled rich girl, Klara Sesemann.  In a household ruled by the fearsome Fraulein Rottenmeier Heidi grows increasingly homesick.


Johanna's story parallels the events in her own life.  As Bernhard and his fiancee leave Zurich, Heidi leaves her grandfather.   When Bernhard falls ill again and dies, Heidi's story descends into nightmare.


Heidi needs Johanna's help to find her happy ending.  But Johanna is lost in her own misery.  A magical connection is made between the little girl and the woman who created her.  As Heidi helps Johanna to recover from her grief, so Johanna helps Heidi to find her way home to the people she loves.

Produced by TSW and directed by Stefan Huber, the 2005 premiere  of Heidi received a fifteen minute standing ovation.  It was revived the following year for a further sell out season.  There was a new production in Dessau, Germany in 2006.


                             "A great musical..."              



                           "Global and timeless..."

                            Sonntags Blick, Zurich  


               "A very intelligent entertainment..."              

                      Suddentsche Zeitung, Munich                


          "It doesn't get more emotional than this."      

                                      Blick, Zurich        


               "An uplifting and emotional musical"

                        Basler Zeitung Kulturmagazin


"The intertwining of the world-famous story with the little-known life of Johanna Spyri

has proven to be a coup."

Sonntags Zeitung, Zurich

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Creative Consultant John Havu

Based on an idea by Stefan Mens

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