Beginning on August 4th 1914 (the first episode being broadcast exactly a century later, on August 4th 2014), HOME FRONT is a core element of the BBC's World War One commemorations.


A daily fifteen minute drama, HOME FRONT follows the activities and struggles of Britain at home.  It will run until November 2018, being broadcast in four eight week seasons a year, with omnibus editions and weekly podcasts available for download.


The writers, aside from Shaun, are Katie Hims, Sebastian Baczkiewicz, Richard Monks, Melissa Murray, Mike Walker, Lucy Catherine, Claudine Toutoungi, Georgia Fitch and Sarah Daniels, .


The Editor is Jessica Dromgoole who works with a tight team of Allegra McIlroy, Martha Littlehailes and Ciaran Bermingham.  The series is made at BBC Birmingham.


Seasons One and Two are set in Folkestone, which quickly became the hub through which soldiers went to war and refugees and the wounded returned.  Season Three moved to Newcastle, home of heavy industry, Seasons Four and Five returned to Folkestone, and Season Six is set around nearby Sandgate.



"A vivid portrait of a nation...  Truly an epic"

Radio Times


"...the writing is so sharp and effective, not a word

wasted, the characters so deftly drawn that I

knew at once who these people were, their place

in the drama, their hopes and fears,

their inner sadness..."

The Spectator


"An excellent alternative portrait of the Great War"

The Observer


Home Front

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