and Heidi

Book and Lyrics by Shaun McKenna

Music by Stephen Keeling 

In Zurich, Johanna Spyri's life has changed.  The success of her novel Heidi has made her a public figure and everyone wants to know more about the little girl from the Alps.  


When her husband, Spyri, dies suddenly and unexpectedly, Johanna allows herself to be swept along by the enthusiasm of her old friend, Betsy Meyer, who takes her to Montreux for the summer.  Here, Johanna renews her friendship with Betsy's brother, the poet Conrad Meyer.  A romance develops between them, marred by Conrad's socialite wife, Betsy's developing jealousy and society's disapproval.


These themes are echoed in Johanna's new Heidi book.  Heidi invites Klara to the Alps but Peter's jealousy becomes an obstacle to their friendship.  Though Rottenmeier finds love with the Pastor, tragedy is about  to strike, threatening the lives of both Klara and Heidi's grandfather.


Once again, it takes the joint efforts of Johanna and Heidi to achieve a happy ending.


Produced by TSW and directed by Stefan Huber.  Like its predecessor the 2007 premiere  of Johanna and Heidi received a fifteen minute standing ovation.  It was revived the following year and a third Heidi musical was commissioned.  

                "A very successful sequel..."      

                         Gunnar Habitz  


          "A fifteen minute standing ovation"       

                      Die Sudotzschweiz                


        "You will need a large handkerchief"  

                            Zurichsee Zeitung

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At Least, I Think So Isn't Life Surprising? Mine Convention Epilogue & Finale

Creative Consultant John Havu

Based on an idea by Stefan Mens

Developed by The Development Team

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