Ladies in Lavender Photos and Reviews



"Mills is stunning as Ursula, imbuing her with a girlish youth which makes her unrequited feelings ever poignant..."

"As is Belinda Lang, who is equally touching as the abrupt Janet, her life also scarred by disappointment..."


"... it is perhaps because you spend so much time laughing that it makes its inevitable ending so poignant..."

"Difficult to forget..."


Northampton Chronicle and Echo"


"Its tenderness and fragility are lovely to watch..."




"Shaun McKenna's adaptation really doesn't need any bells or whistles.  Thankfully this is clearly understood by director Robin Lefevre and the talented company."


The British Theatre Guide


"Mills and Lang deliver utterly believable, brilliant performances.  Hayley Mills plays Ursula particularly skilfully... we are left feeling her pain and ache alongside her for lost experiences...  The sensitivity and onstage chemistry between Mills and Lang makes for a real heart-warming tale.


The Public Reviews


"Both Belinda Lang and Hayley Mills were superb and the final scene brought a tear to my eye..."


Theatreworld Internet Magazine


"A thumping good brand new play in its own right...

beautifully measured, touching and often very funny...

If I had to choose just one play to watch again

from this year's batch it would, without question,

be my number one choice.


Bath Chronicle


"Elegant and incredibly moving...

Truly stunning..."


Guildford Dragon News



"...lovingly adapted for the stage by Shaun McKenna and what a great job he has made of it..."  


Milton Keynes Citizen

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