Like Father, Like Son

A two part thriller for ITV


with Jemma Redgrave, Robson Green, Phil Davis, Tara Fitzgerald, Somerset Prew, Georgia Moffett and Florence Bell.


Directed by Nicholas Laughland

Produced by Jeremy Gwilt for Ecosse Films

Serial killers tend to exhibit the same triad of symptoms in adolescence - cruelty to animals, bed wetting and fire starting.  Dee Stanton (Jemma Redgrave)  knows more about serial killers than your average mother.  Her first husband, Paul Barker (Phil Davis), is currently serving life sentences for murdering five young women.  Dee has worked hard to rebuild her life, and that of her 14 year old son, Jamie (Somerset Prew).  She has found love again with a local teacher, Dominic Milne (Robson Green).


Jamie begins to exhibit the tell-tale triad of symptoms.  Dee is terrified.  Is this just normal teenage behaviour or has he inherited his father's murderous tendencies?  Jamie discovers his father's true identity and demands to meet him.  Dee reluctantly agrees.  Soon afterwards, a girl from Jamie's school, Morag Tait (Georgia Moffett), is found murdered.  Dee turns to Dominic for support - but soon Dominic himself finds himself under suspicion of murder.


First shown in January 2005, Like Father Like Son attracted almost 9 million viewers for each of the two ninety minute episodes.

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