The Lord of the Rings - London

UK Premiere production


The UK Premiere production opened at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on May 9th 2007 and had its press opening on June 19th 2007.


The show was nominated for five Olivier Awards , including "Best New Musical" and won a SOBOM "Oustanding Achievement in Theatre" Award.


Principal Cast


James Loye as Frodo

Peter Howe as Sam Gamgee

Michael Therriault as Gollum

Malcolm Storry as Gandalf

Jerome Pradon as Aragorn

Laura Michelle Kelly as Galadriel

Owen Sharpe as Pippin

Richard Henders as Merry

Steven Miller as Boromir

Michael Rouse as Legolas

Sevan Stefan as Gimli

Rosalie Craig as Arwen

Brian Protheroe as Saruman

Andrew  Jarvis as Elrond

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"This show is a wonder...  Go with an

open mind and an open heart and

prepare for enchantment"


Sam Marlow, The Times

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Rosalie Craig and Jerome Pradon


The Hobbiton Dance

Laura Michelle Kelly