What the Media said...

Breathtaking……a stirring triumph of theatrical magic.

Sam Marlow, Theatre Critic, The Times London, (4 Stars)


Stunning……a big, bold piece of popular musical theatre.

Mark Shenton, Theatre Critic, The Sunday Express


Ingenious……a definitive mega-musical.

Richard Corliss, Time Magazine


A hugely impressive production.

Michael Billington, Theatre Critic, The Guardian (4 Stars)


Without doubt the most spectacular show in the West End.

Sara Sha’ath, lastminute.com


A truly remarkable, thrilling theatrical spectacle.  The big number, Lothlórien, is marvellous and the choreography is sublime.

Baz Bamigboye, Arts Reviewer, The Daily Mail


The adaptation by Shaun McKenna and Matthew Warchus is astoundingly intelligent.

Robert Cushman, Theatre Critic, The Canadian National Post


Not to be missed - a genuine theatrical spectacle that should please fans of the books and movies and intrigue the uninitiated.

Ray Bennett, The Hollywood Reporter


An impressive theatrical spectacle – a visual treat!

Brenda Emmanus, Arts and Entertainment Correspondent, BBC London News


What an amazing production. I have always said the best theatrical experience I have ever witnessed is “O” in Las Vegas, but “THE LORD OF THE RINGS” is up there with it!

Michael Metcalf, Senior Director, GMTV


The eagerly anticipated show really lived up to all the hype – I was totally blown away!  I’ve never seen anything like it before, really quite breathtaking and I shall certainly be recommending it to friends and Travel Channel viewers.

Petra Shepher, Travel Channel


It was a wonderful evening.  A visual spectacular.  I’ve never seen a production like it.

Asad Ahmad, Presenter, BBC London News


The show’s international creative team has created a stage epic that is surprisingly smart and visually stunning.

J Kelly Nestruck, Theatre Critic, The Boston Globe

What the Tolkien world said...


The sheer intelligence of this adaptation is a pure pleasure to see.  The narrative is slick and fluent, but the show brims with warmth from beginning to end, with its keynote sounding from the start of the 'pre-show,' as hobbits clamber over audience-members in their quest for fireflies.  The best portrayal of the two leading hobbits, Sam and Frodo, that I have ever seen.  Absolutely superb, and not to be missed!


Laura Marples, Reviewer for Mallorn - The Journal of the Tolkien Society


We were enchanted. In a time where interpretations of Tolkien are plentiful to say the least, plotting and holding an original course is an accomplishment itself. Don’t miss this show or you’ll have missed something truly quintessential.


John Howe, Tolkien Illustrator

My imagination ran away with every penny spent on this mind-blowing production!  Go on holiday in Middle-earth this summer.

Richard Arnold, TV Critic, GMTV


Truly spectacular –  you feel part of the ethereal world in which it’s set.  It’s an amazing journey … in every way. A delight for all ages – and not just fans of “THE LORD OF THE RINGS”.

Catherine Ferady, Senior Broadcast Journalist, BBC South East Today


I was totally blown away by this fantastic production.

Funke Oyebanjo, Guest Presenter/Paper Reviewer, Dotun and Valley Show, BBC Radio London


THE LORD OF THE RINGS is the most brilliantly staged show I have ever seen.

Jonathan Wills, Presenter, ITV London Tonight


The show’s opening minutes brought the first of many spontaneous outbursts of applause for the astonishing special effects.

Valerie Potter, London Lite


THE LORD OF THE RINGS was fabulous and all the more so, as it is such a mammoth task to pull off this giant epic. Gollum’s second half opening entrance is stupendous.  So were all the cast.

Johnny Ball, TV Presenter


I’ve been raving about the show to all who’ll listen!  We were both blown away (quite literally in places) by the design of the show and the performances and it was such a treat for me to take Sam (aged 11) to the show.

Jessica Gray, Associate Producer, Heaven and Earth with Gloria Hunniford