Murder Mystery Musical Reviews


With more Freudian slips than an eel overdosing on Viagra… this is a sure winner. Hilarious and wonderfully polished, 'Murder Mystery Musical' never misses a gag, and leaves the audience humming and skipping away delightedly.’ Three Weeks

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‘A brilliant lib and score, some cleverly designed costumes and set combine to create a rollicking good show which will surely gather a cult following. …Marvel in mirth at this madcap ‘Murder Mystery Musical’ in all its magical magnificence.’


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 ‘Murder Mystery’ is such good fun and easy to watch, and is filled to the brim with good old fashioned folly, and on basic principle it actually works as a murder mystery too and leaves you guessing until the end.’


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‘a show with terrific tunes, sharp lyrical barbs and a pace so galloping that characters have a tendency to die minutes after the end of their solos.’  

The Herald

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‘This is a witty, whimsical mix of pastiche, high camp and comedy ... Very English, very sharp and very funny, Murder Mystery Musical is exactly the kind of show one wants to see at the Edinburgh fringe… A terrific light bite of a show.’

Fringe Review

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‘There’s a deliberate Old Time Music Hall feel to the show which lets it get away with the corniest of jokes and sauciest of lyrics. And once you realise that you’re at the end of the pier, the whole thing gets very easy to enjoy….You get into the swing of it and realise you’re wearing a broad grin at all the superficial loveliness of it all. High brow it is not, but for entertainment it certainly delivers.’ Broadway Baby

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7.10pm – Murder Mystery Musical – George Square

Miss Marple meets musical, detection does a somersault.  Actors excel as musicians, good new songs, silly but well done.  Lots of laugh out loud moments, very impressive stuff.

DarkChat 8.5/10

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