Murder Mystery Musical

Book by Alister Cameron and Shaun McKenna

Lyrics by Shaun McKenna and Alister Cameron

Music by Richard Brown


Edinburgh Festival 2009

Produced by Andy Jordan Productions and Richmond Productions

Directed by Ben Keaton

Designed by Barry Purves


A mysterious and glamorous island abruptly cut off from the outside world.  An internationally renowned TV talent show mogul strangely deceased.  A collection of exotic, competitive (and frankly repellent) ‘meeja’ types summoned to the private reading of a lavish will.  A devastatingly handsome but oddly mute pool boy.  Secrets tumbling out of closets.  Revenge, eaten cold.


And murder.  Lots and lots of murder.  Deaths so perverse and bizarre that even the illegitimate grandson of a world-renowned Belgian detective (with a world-renowned Belgian moustache) cannot get to the bottom of them.


Mayhem and madness, glamour and gloating, shocks and skullduggery.  Oh, and lots of songs and plenty of laughs.


The original Edinburgh production featured Miguel Angel, Rebecca Bainbridge, Alexa Brown, Charlie Cameron, Gina Murray, Sevan Stephan, Ben Stock, Neil Stewart, Harry Waller with Lee Ormsby the musical director.  

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"A terrific light bite of a show..."

Edinburgh Fringe Magazine