The Return of

Peter Pan

Book & Lyrics by Shaun McKenna

Music by Stephen Keeling


Creative Consultant John Havu

Orchestrations by Stefan Mens

Developed by The Development Team

Teenager Brina is fed up.  Her mother is a flake, they have just been thrown out of yet another apartment and now they are being followed by some strange old men in Regent's Park.  Little does Brina know that, despite her teenage truculence, she is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.  The strange old men who give them shelter are Peter Pan's Lost Boys, now grown old.  Brina and her brothers are whisked away to Neverland by Peter Pan and his feisty fairy companion Tinkerbell.


Neverland is much changed.  The Pirates have set up home in Lagoonland with the Mermaids.  All is peaceful and contented - until Captain James Hook escapes from the jaws of the Crocodile (whose throat was too narrow to swallow him whole).  Swearing revenge on Peter Pan, Hook gathers his old shipmates for one last swing of the cutlass.


They have not counted on Brina and the ingenuity of the Lost Old Men.   But can Brina bring herself to believe in magic?

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