Adapted by Shaun McKenna

from the screenplay by Ingmar Bergman


First broadcast August 27th 2001

He smiles at me, and kisses me.  Comes to me at night and makes me lose my reason.  He caresses me, he’s sweet and funny, and…  He gives me flowers, always yellow roses.  He talks about his horses, his women, his duels, his soldiers, his hunting.  Talks, talks, talks…  Oh God, love is so disgusting. The worst of it is, I adore him.  

The actress Desiree Armfeldt is performing in town.  When stuffy lawyer Fredrik Egermann decides to take his virginal young wife to see her, he little guesses the dangerous passions he will unlock.  When Desiree's jealous military lover, Count Malcolm, becomes involved, a weekend in the country develops into a magical and farcical experience for all concerned.

Nicholas Farrell as Fredrik

Samantha Spiro as Desiree

Samuel West as Count Malcolm

Sara Kestelman as Mrs Armfeldt

Maxine Peake as Petra

Claire Carrie as Countess Malcolm

Rebecca Johnson as Anne

Sean Baker as Frid

Ivan Meredith as Henrik

Joanna Munro as Malla

Carolyn Pickles as the Actress

Ray Lonnen as the Clerk


Directed by Marion Nancarrow

Smiles of a

Summer Night

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