The Development Team

Since 1999, The Development Team has been responsible for creating, developing, writing, composing and bringing to the stage a series of successful and critically acclaimed musicals.


While each of the key personnel also pursues a successful solo career, this long-term association means that, when engaged on a new project, things move quickly.  Each team member has  an instinctive understanding of how the others work.  This well-developed creative shorthand speeds along both the inventive and administrative aspects of the process.


As well as developing its own projects, The Development Team is available to assist others in bringing their projects to fruition.  Either individually or as a package, The Development Team bring professional experience, expertise and unparalleled craft to the art of making memoral, commercially successful musical theatre.

As well as extensive TV, radio, arena and drama credits, his Musical Theatre experience includse:


THE BIBLE: IN THE BEGINNING (opening March 2014, USA), LAST DANCE (opening September 2013, Off Broadway), THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2006-2008, Toronto, London, winner of 9 major awards), ANASTASIA: A MUSICAL RIDDLE (2008, in development), THE RETURN OF PETER PAN (2010, in development), MURDER MYSTERY MUSICAL (2009, Edinburgh), THE HEIDI TRILOGY (2005-2008, Walenstadt and Dessau), Terry Pratchett’s ONLY YOU CAN SAVE MANKIND (2005, Edinburgh), LA CAVA (London, 2000), LAUTREC (London, 2003), MADDIE (London 1997).  

Musical Theatre credits include:


CHILDREN OF PARADISE (2013, London), DIETRICH AND THE RED SPY (2010, UK), ANASTASIA: A MUSICAL RIDDLE (2008, in development), THE RETURN OF PETER PAN (2010, in development), THE HEIDI TRILOGY (2005-2008, Walenstadt and Dessau),  BETWEEN THE KISSES (2002, London). LA CAVA (2000, London), LAUTREC (London, 2003), MADDIE (London 1997),  MY FATHER’S SON, (1999, Sheffield), THE LAST WAVE (1998, Sheffield) THE AMAZING MR BLUNDEN (1995, London), THE DEVIL AND MR STONE (1989, London).  In addition, Stephen writes incidental music for theatre and a range of choral music.

Aside from performing as a musician in  HAIR, CATS, CRAZY FOR YOU, EVITA, LES MISÉRABLES and JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, Stefan is a dedicated composer, arranger and orchestrator. He is responsible for the arranging and orchestration of the McKenna / Keeling musicals HEIDI TRILOGY and THE RETURN OF PETER PAN. He devised the original concept of entwining the HEIDI story with the life of Johanna Spyri.   He composed and orchestrated the musicals ROMY, THE VOICE, BASILEIA, and GRACE.  He orchestrated the musical TELL, with music by Marc Schubring as well as JEANNE D’ARC, by Maricel Wölk.

He MD'd and conducted HEIDI I, BASILEIA and ALPEROSE. He is on the faculty of the Konservatorium Winterthur.


John Havu worked in a management role with A.L.Webber’s Really Useful Group on THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (Basel) and SUNSET BOULEVARD (Niedernhausen).  Creative Development credits include TELL (2012, Walenstadt), THE HEIDI TRILOGY (2005-2008, Walenstadt and Dessau), THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2006-8, Toronto and London), MAHABHARATA (2007, London). John worked with Eric Woolfson (Alan Parsons Project) on the revised versions of Eric’s GAMBLER, GAUDI and EDGAR ALAN POE as well as TIMM THALER (Heitz / Naidoo / Herberger) and was the Creative Producer for the original HEIDI production in 2005. John is currently cooperating on a film script.














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