Directed by Marion Nancarrow 

   and Gemma Jenkins

  First broadcast January 2016

   on BBC Radio 4

The Forsytes

dramatised in four series

by Shaun McKenna and Lin Coghlan

from the novels by John Galsworthy

From 2016-2018, BBC Radio 4 is broadcasting a new dramatisation of all nine books in John Galsworthy's The Forsyte Saga. An epic tale of sex, money and power in the lives of an upper middle-class family in London, it spans the 50 years from 1886 to 1936.


Beginning with a 90-minute drama which introduces the family in 1886, and in particular to the cautious, meticulous Soames Forsyte, of whom Galsworthy says: 'he would not have gone without a bath for worlds.'


As the family gathers in their huge London houses around Green Park, and at what's known as 'Forsyte Exchange', they can establish the precise stock of any family member, "who's up, who's down and who might be heading for a fall". But little do they realise in their comfortable, complacent lives how the old world order is changing. Young June Forsyte has fallen in love with the dashing and unorthodox architect, Philip Bosinney. But when she introduces him to her sister-in-law - Soames's wife Irene - scandal is waiting just around the corner.


Joseph Millson as Soames Forsyte

Juliet Aubrey as Irene Forsyte

Harry Haddon Paton as Bosinney

Ewan Bailey as Young Jolyon

Brian Protheroe as Old Jolyon

Jonathan Bailey as Jon


Jessica Raine as Fleur

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"The cast, writer, composer

and producers are all to be

congratulated ...a hard-hitting,

emotionally devastating but entirely compelling piece of radio theatre."


Jane Anderson - Radio Times

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