The second part of the Karla trilogy.  Smiley is trying to put the

Circus back together after the revelation of the mole.  

When a situation arises in Hong Kong, Smiley sends Jerry

Westerby into a murkier, dirtier situation than

either man anticipates.


Dramatised by Shaun McKenna in three episodes

"I chose the secret road because it seemed to lead straightest

and furthest towards my country’s goal.  The enemy in

those days was someone we could point at and read about

in the papers.  Today, all I know is that I have learned to

interpret the whole of life in terms of conspiracy."  

Simon Russell Beale as George Smiley

Hugh Bonneville as Jerry Westerby

Daisy Haggard as Leise Worth

Anna Chancellor as Ann Smiley

Richard Dillane as Peter Guillam

Maggie Steed as Connie Sachs

Philip Quast as Craw

James Hazeldine as Saul Enderby

David Yip as Ko


Directed by Marc Beeby

The Honourable Schoolboy

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