I made him love us.  You made me do it for you.

It wasn’t in you any more.    I kept him in your house

     and made him dance to the music of your bloody war.  

But there’s no music left, is there?  All that’s gone.

There's a rumour of Russian rockets just across the East German border.  Haldane's department hasn't run an active mission since

the War but this is an opportunity for Leclerc to re-establish the glory days.  He even thinks Control and Smiley are on his side.

Dramatised by Shaun McKenna in two episodes


Simon Russell Beale as George Smiley

Ian McDiarmid as Leclerc

Patrick Kennedy as Avery

Philip Jackson as Haldane

Piotr Baumann as Leiser

Fenella Woolgar as Sarah

John Rowe as Control

Ania Sowinski as Anna



Directed by Marc Beeby

The Looking Glass War

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