The Perfect Murder

Autumn 2014


Shaun McKenna’s adaptation opened up to a packed crowd on Tuesday, entertaining them with killer one-liners, some spectacularly spooky moments and an incredibly strong cast...   The adaptation is perfect and captures the thrill of the James novel, yet translates it into a new medium that’s accessible to a new audience. It’s funny, it’s dark and what surprised me the most was the way the twist at the end was played out. There are real moments of drama, lots of dark comedy with a good amount of thrills thrown in for good measure. Two hours flow by effortlessly and there isn’t a dull moment throughout the performance.

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"A huge theatre hit……….There are plenty of laughs, twists and some tense drama as the whole cast play out this comedy-cum-mystery brilliantly………..As a play, The Perfect Murder is two hours of seamless fun. "


Milton Keynes Citizen


"Hugely enjoyable..."

Birmingham Mail



"There were killer one-liners from the moment the curtain lifted on the edge-of-your-seat-thriller The Perfect Murder.  The adaptation ... is a huge theatre hit and I can confirm that it is an ace night out."

Buxton Herald


An exemplar of the theatre murder mystery genre but there is also a touch of the ghost story about it. The cast are all very impressive performers and thewriting is as strong as you’d expect. A masterful puzzle from the pen of an excellent writer.

Aylesbury Reviews Hub


Shaun McKenna’s adaptation .. is well paced, intriguing and has plenty of twists as well as laughs to keep the audience hooked. The Perfect Murder is a fun night of theatre, well-acted and beautifully designed; it is an amusing play and a classic piece of whodunit.

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The Perfect Murder  opened at the

Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury on January 8th 2014

and subsequently toured the UK,

ending in Birmingham in November 2014


Robert Daws as Victor Smiley

Dawn Steele as Joan Smiley

Gray O'Brian as Don Kirk

Simona Armstrong as Kamila Walcak


Thomas Howes as Detective Roy Grace

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