Sitting is an eloquent business.  We sit according to our natures.  We sprawl and straddle, we rest like boxers between rounds,

we fidget, perch, cross and uncross our legs.  He did none of those things.  He  was like a promontory of rock; he could have sat all day, without stirring a muscle...

The first part of the Karla trilogy.  There's a mole inside the Circus.  

Control knew this but died before he could identify the traitor.  

Who spies on the spies?  George Smiley is brought out of retirement

and finds the solution comes at a personal cost.


Dramatised by Shaun McKenna in three episodes

Simon Russell Beale as George Smiley

Anna Chancellor as Ann Smiley

Michael Feast as Bill Haydon

Alex Jennings as Lacon

Maggie Steed as Connie Sachs

Kenneth Cranham as Mendel

Anthony Calf as Jim Prideaux

Jamie Foreman as Rikki Tarr


Directed by Steven Canny

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

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